Let’s not forget Japan

This is a story I created to test Storify (http://storify.com), a site that allows us to create stories by pulling content from many media sites and combining it to be the story you want to tell. View the story “Let’s not forget Japan” on Storify(it looks much better on Storify BTW. They allow for embedding with all their formatting, but it uses Javascript, which wordpress.com strip)


Let’s not forget Japan

by jays0n

With all the other terrible news these days, information regarding Japan’s recovery efforts could be taking a back seat. Did you see stories about the BP Oil Spill on the anniversary, and were you surprised to hear of the struggles still raging for the people there? Lets not let that happen so fast for Japan.

… umm actually, yeah, please do view “Let’s not forget Japan” on Storify, it looks terrible paste into a post here.