Let’s not forget Japan

This is a story I created to test Storify (http://storify.com), a site that allows us to create stories by pulling content from many media sites and combining it to be the story you want to tell. View the story “Let’s not forget Japan” on Storify(it looks much better on Storify BTW. They allow for embedding with all their formatting, but it uses Javascript, which wordpress.com strip)


Let’s not forget Japan

by jays0n

With all the other terrible news these days, information regarding Japan’s recovery efforts could be taking a back seat. Did you see stories about the BP Oil Spill on the anniversary, and were you surprised to hear of the struggles still raging for the people there? Lets not let that happen so fast for Japan.

… umm actually, yeah, please do view “Let’s not forget Japan” on Storify, it looks terrible paste into a post here.

Install Firefox Java Plugin on Linux


This is silly but not super obvious and not easy to find on the interweb thingie searches come up with Oracle’s solution about linking the libjavaplugin_oji lib in the Mozilla plugins dir:

<Java installation directory>/plugin/i386/ns7/libjavaplugin_oji.so

which does not work for me. The way to get this going is to create a link to the libnpjp2 library in the Mozilla plugin directory as follows:

ln -s /<Java installation directory>/jre/lib/i386/libnpjp2.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

use vi editor to insert newline char in replace

Something else I have to do and cannot remember and then have to look up.

In vi to insert a newline character in a search and replace, do the following:


the command above would replace all instances of “look_for” with “replace_with\n” (with \n meaning newline)

to get the “^M”, enter the key combination “ctl-V” then after that (release all keys) press the “enter” key.

Get PS to display the complete path (on Linux)

Something else I can never remember and waste time looking up is how to display long long long paths when looking at processes with “ps”. Well just a couple of “W” does the trick.

ps -auxww

More on why, later but wanted to put it down while it was fresh

Great site for searching for News Group posts (e.g. looking for tech solutions in groups)

While searching for support for an open source library I am using, I came across this neat site called Mark Mail


It is a kind of search engine for new groups, or forums etc. Their own “about” page describes the site in short as”

MarkMail is a free service for searching mailing list archives

Anyway, it has a nice way of showing a complete thread for a topic, which is the main reason I like it. Give it a shot next time your looking for support threads.


set up a Debian Linux machine to handle UTF-8 in a shell or console app

To set up a Debian Linux machine to handle UTF-8 in a shell or console app do the following.

First, use dselect or whatever tool you like to find the Japanese font packages for X and install em.

Then run

  dpkg-reconfigure locales

then choose en_US.UTF-8

Test by executing the folowing in a shell:

  locale charmap

it should say


If not try just


it should have UTF-8 for everything like:


if not then Add the follwoing to .bashrc and re-source it (e.g. get a new login shell, or execute bash)

  export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"

then try

locale charmap



once that is all set to UTF-8 then change your shells (xterm, rxvt) to use:

That is it. I had to exit X11 and re-login to get X11 to take these settings
so that clicking my icon for xterm launched uxterm WITH the correct environment

After this all console apps that can handle UTF-8 (like vim) display UTF-8
characters correctly.