Speaking at SemTech 2011 about rNews

Speaker at SemTech 2011

I will be speaking about rNews, the new standard from the IPTC for embedding metadata in on-line news content, at the upcoming SemTech conference in San Francisco. The session is Wednesday, June 8, 2011
09:45 AM – 10:35 PM. Here is the abstract for the talk:

rNews: Embedding Metadata in On-line News

The IPTC, a consortium of the world’s major news agencies, news publishers and news industry vendors, recently released rNews, a semantic standard for on-line news. rNews uses RDFa to annotate HTML documents with news-specific metadata, to help with search, ad placement, aggregation and the sharing of on-line news. Jayson Lorenzen, a software engineer with Business Wire and one of the IPTC Member organization delegates working on rNews, will give an overview of the IPTC, the rNews standard, why rNews is needed and how the standard was eventually created. The talk will include use cases and live demonstrations of rNews and will end with a call to action for you to participate; rNews is currently at version 0.5 and the IPTC is looking for feedback on how to improve the standard.