How to kill Dashboard (Macintosh OSX)

I do not use the Dashboard on my Macbook, however from time to time I start it accidentally and then have it running, and using resources. Here is one way to kill it. I constantly forget how to do this and then have to look it up. As with my last post, now it is here and hopefully easier to look find for me (and maybe others).

To kill the Dashboard, open a Terminal and then run the following commands:

   defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES;killall Dock

NOTE: the second command in this list of commands, will restart the Dock, so dont be alarmed if it disappears for a moment. It will come right back.



Declare and fill a multi dimensional array in Java

This is one of those super simple things I wont use for ever and ever and then when it comes time to use it, I can never remember and have to look at the API again. It makes me angry that I don’t remember it and so it is here now and I (and others maybe) can remember with a click.  

Using a Java String array as an example, the declaration looks like:


String[][] myStr = {

Well lets start then

Hello world. Well there is a start. Everything must start with that right? 


Okay, the purpose of this post is to tell you all why I have created this new blog. I have previously mingled my Family and hobbies (Art, Music, Bicycles) with tech talk and have decided to separate the two. As you can see from the title of this blog, this is not going to be the Hobby site. 


I hope you stop by from time to time to see what I have to contribute today, tomorrow and days++